Services We Offer

Cannabis Farm Development:   Since 1995 our team has been developing grow sites.  We have setup cannabis grows from Southern California to Washington State with over 50 Years of combined Experience with indoor, greenhouse and outdoor field production.  If you need a cost effective team to help you setup your cannabis farm contact us today. Startup Cost can vary but expect to spend $50,000 to $250,000 per acre depending on your soil quality and the infrastructure you have in place.

Services include:

  • Full Service Cannabis Farm Development
  • Pre-Purchase Land Evaluation
  • Preparation for Cannabis Farming
  • Managing Permit Process
  • Grading, Design and Development including Plot Mapping
  • Irrigation Design and Development
  • Seed and Clone Selection
  • Clone Room Design and Operation
  • Spring Planting Labor
  • Trellis design and development

Cannabis Farm Management: Running a cannabis farm is complex; there are a number of problems that can arise, from spider mites to bud mold, just to name a few.  These problems can lead to severe crop loss.  We can help you avoid costly mistakes and set you on the right path to a bountiful harvest. 

  • Full Service Cannabis Farm Management
  • Fertigation Program Design and Implementation
  • Integrative Pest Management Program Development
  • Pruning and Plant Maintenance
  • Organic Crop Production
  • Compost Tea Development
  • Synthetic Crop Production?  NOT SURE We want to offer this but it is up in the air???
  • Trellising and Pre-Harvest Pruning

Cannabis Farm Harvesting: Harvesting is one of the most important steps to a successful crop.  We have seen beautiful plants turned to dust by incorrect harvesting methods. This is probably one of the most underdeveloped areas of cannabis farming.  Our team can quickly harvest, dry and process your crop for sale. This gives you piece of mind in one of the most stressful times of year.

  • Full service Harvest Management
  • Running and Maintaining harvest crews
  • Harvest, Dry and Processing Services
  • Packaging  and Shipping Services

Cannabis Sales and Marketing:  Our network of growers, distributors and retail outlets can help you sell you valuable flowers and trim.  We operate with contracts so you know what you know the amount you are going to receive and when. This makes selling your crop at the end of the year

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